Aug 22, 2022

4 Marketing Agency Strategies To Build An Effective Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is an old technique of communication but not ineffective. It comprises a lengthy process but proves to be cost-effective for a Marketing Agency. In the present era, there also exists competition in online marketing.

Emails are like guests in the customer's inbox. They either get buried with other emails or deleted by the user account. Only the mail with the best content and stunning strategy propel and gets the clicks.

This blog will walk you through 4 Marketing Agency strategies for emails. It also involves one case study to give you insight into how email marketing pays off after multiple attempts.

4 Marketing Agency Ways for Effective Emails

Email Personalisation

Marketing Agency

⁠I opened my Gmail account today evening, and check what I found. You will likely observe that most of them have added my name in the subject line. Start-up companies like Internshala and big companies like Big Basket have used email personalization strategies. According to Invesp, personalized emails have a 29 percent unique open rate. They also believe that compared to non-personalized emails, sending emails with names helps get higher click rates.

The Marketers often commit a mistake by adding the name tag and halting the process. Email Personalisation is more than sending emails with the name of the user. It also includes more about personalizing videos and posters so that users can resonate with their problems getting resolved.

But wait! 

Does any of the mail excite you? Yes, you guessed it right. The answer is No. By adding the name of users, you don't win the entire game. 

Know when to add names and on which occasion the personalized mail will strengthen your content. For example, Sending Birthday personalized emails can be considered a suitable example. Personalized emails may not work if you are announcing a product launch. In that case, the Marketing Agency needs to think of other strategies to make the emails personal.

Add Social Proofs 

Trust is the most challenging hurdle in email marketing. Social proofs and your past experience are the way to build trust in your targeted audience. People often open their emails and click on the emails that attract them the most. When the customer receives an email from a start-up company that has initially put its feet in the market, it is hard to believe them as a good source for them. Although, a start-up company may not have more to add. However, adding a little experience can do a lot more talking! 

How does a Marketing Agency gain customers from sending emails?

The eveIT Marketing Agencies taught us how to do email marketing in the 21st century. Each year the company hosts an instructor convention that targets almost 200000 locations to attend the session. In 2014, eveIT applied email marketing to send email signups for the Instructor Convention.

They added a video of the past conventions. What made this video special was that at the end was the call to action when the invitation included the recipient's name.

The eveIT Marketing Agency Overcome The Myths About Email Marketing

Myth#1 Send emails at a specific time only. 

You may have heard marketers saying, "send emails on Thursday, at 3 pm". 99 percent of people are email users, and half of them are actually active users. 85 percent of people read the emails after two days, and 31 percent of them actually make the purchase out of it.

If one segmented group is active on a specific date, that doesn't mean it won't change. There are multiple reasons that we, members of online marketing, need to analyze it. You can also try different time zones and determine the buyer persona.

Marketing Agency

⁠Myth#2 The same email can't resend to customers.

Marketers have the false sense that resending the mail is a waste of money and time. Here is why we need to resend it.

  • There are chances of emails accidentally being deleted by the user.

  • Many users avoid Emails due to the pressure of work and lack of time.

  • The second email might trigger them if they fail to convince on the first attempt.

Things to take care of while resending the same email.

  • Change the subject line. 

 There might be a chance that the user has not clicked because of the feeble subject line.

  • Tweak the little bit of content 

You can replace some sentences or add paragraphs to the content matching your objective.

  • Wait for at least 3 days before resending the same message.

Send Mobile-Friendly Mails 

Mobile-friendly emails impact similar to mobile-friendly sites. Marketing Agency focus on sending mobile-optimized emails. The common mistake marketers commit of focusing more on how the posters look when the user opens from the laptop. 

Your reader does not have the patience to zoom in on small fonts. And reading big-size fonts irritates them. Any mistakes in the image and texts can mitigate the chance of getting clicks. Customers love creativity more than anything else. Once your email shines in the customer's eye, they are likely to click.

Tips for optimized emails. 

  • Create one-column mails

  • Have an easy tappable call-to-action button below the poster.

  • Display small Images

An Email Marketing Plan for an Online Educational Startup Company

 Sharplet AB

Sharplet AB, the Sweden-based online educational providing start-up company, was founded in 2012. The mission was to provide knowledge to the customers in less time. The company experimented with the email strategy practically and succeeded after many attempts. 

The company skyrocketed from being nothing by sending emails to the customers. Initially, the company faced difficulty gaining customers worldwide with a limited budget. The founder then decided to try online Marketing Agency. According to him, email marketing was the cheapest way to reach wide customers. There was no separate marketing department that would take care of the activities. And the staff was not having much experience in forming strategies.

They formed the email format and focused on two theories: Porter's 5 forces of model and the Canva model. Then, they started designing email formats. And with the help of Mailchimp, they sent it to the targeted audience.

 After sending it to the audience, they collected the customer responses and analyzed them based on the recommendation on how to improve. They also tracked email attention flow(how many opened, how many clicks, and so on).

The strategy applied by Sharplet.

  • Recipients will receive the online mail with the introduction of Sharplet website first. 

  • And receive the course promotion one month later.

Gear Up For Marketing Agency to start Receiving Clicks  

Email Marketing still rules online Marketing Agencies with advantages and disadvantages. The core disadvantage of email marketing is that users have the right to put the emails in a bin or spam. And on another side, the advantage is, that it is easy to get a conversion with one tap. Hence, implementing the above email marketing strategies is crucial.



Emails are like guests in the customer's inbox. They either get buried with other emails or deleted by the user account. Only the mail with the best content and stunning strategy propel and gets the clicks. Read to know more!

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