Apr 20, 2022

A Complete Guide on Different Digital Marketing Practices

Digital marketing services are nowadays all about brainstorming. It requires a comprehensive research-oriented approach to solve the needs of the public. Marketing in Layman's terms means promoting a product or service so that it can land potential customers at the doorstep of your store. In the world of the internet, we have two forms of marketing. One is the traditional marketing system, and the other is the new-age service. Let this complete guide on different digital marketing practices give you enough input to understand and implement digital marketing better to promote your brand or product and drive more returns.

Traditional marketing, or the old form of marketing, means promoting the product or service by physical means. It means marketing the product using newspapers, magazines, television, radio broadcast, posters, billboards, etc. Digital marketing services harness the power of the internet to promote the product. It uses search engines, social media, email, websites, and other digital media for marketing the company's needs. Let us dive deeper into digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing More Efficient Than Tradition System?

Well, that is a great question to ask! This is one of the fundamental questions everyone asks. We will find out the answer. 

  • Traditional marketing involves a lot of physical effort. That is one reason why physical marketing requires a lot of investment. Leaving aside broadcasting, making physical posters and billboards alone would require a lot of money. Digital marketing services require a sound and technical brain. This form of marketing involves a lot less capital. Running social media ads would require $75, and paid search engines take $50 to reach at least 2000 people. 

  • There is an incredible amount of reach via digital marketing. Physical marketing focuses more on a particular geographical location. A billboard in India will not be visible from the US. But through online marketing, one can cater to global customers because the internet is globally accessible. 

  • Using traditional or physical marketing, the chances of knowing your campaign's success are low. It isn't easy to determine which section of society the ads are catering to. But digital marketing services solve this problem. The internet has a collection of tools to analyse how successful your latest campaign has been. One can check the reach, engagement, the number of people clicking through the ad, and many more features.

  • Communication with potential customers is difficult in physical marketing. This is because physical marketing lacks analytics and feedback from potential customers. But using digital marketing services is easier and faster. Analytics is the most significant power of this form of marketing. One can find a database of customers interested in buying the product using analytics. Using email and social media channels, these customers can be targeted.

    ⁠Hopefully, these points have cleared many doubts regarding online marketing. The future is digital, so why should marketing fall behind?

digital marketing services

⁠Some Common Digital Marketing Practices

Digital marketing services practices are better known as digital marketing techniques. These techniques include search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social media marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, and many more. We will discuss the important ones here.

  1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): It is the most fundamental concept of digital marketing. SEO means optimizing your website or social channels using the proper placement of keywords both on the website's backend and on the content. SEO helps rank a website on the search engine results pages (SERP). SEO is of two types –one is on-page SEO, while the other is off-page SEO. 
    ⁠On-page SEO deals with keywords and their proper utilization on the website. Off-page SEO refers to creating links from your website to another website or vice versa. This form of SEO builds your website's authority and gives it a better ranking on search engines. SEO doesn't require any monetary investment.
  2. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM): Search engines are used in this form of digital marketing services. SEM requires monetary investment. A vast majority of ads are run on Google Search Engine because it has the most considerable traffic worldwide. Mostly, Pay-per-Click ads are run, which are also called PPC campaigns. The marketer only pays when a viewer clicks through the advertisement in a PPC campaign. 
    ⁠The number of people clicking through the ad against the ad's reach is called Click Through Rate (CTR). It is essential to achieve a higher CTR because a higher CTR proves the ad campaign's success. SEM requires bidding for the keyword which is being targeted. The lesser one pays for a strong keyword, the better it is for the overall marketing budget. Bidding on keywords or the Cost that one pays for each ad's click for a specific keyword is called Cost per click or CPC. SEM is an important concept to understand to master digital marketing.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Social media platforms are a great source of promoting products and driving sales. Posting content on the product's niche attracts many potential customers. Social media is free to generate organic traffic, but it also has an ad feature. These ads are pretty cheap, yet the reach is relatively high. Moreover, these ads are highly targeted. One can cater to a specific age group, from a particular geographical location, and those who hold an interest in products of such kind. This helps in reaching the right audience at the right time.
  4. EMAIL AND AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is a type of digital marketing services, that uses email marketing to market what needs to be marketed. Companies use specific automation tools to send emails in bulk. These emails can be anything from promotional to spammy ones. Companies get to know the mail addresses through their login portal. When a person logs in, the credentials are saved in the database. Opting for a newsletter also lets the company send emails to the target customers. 

Affiliate marketing is how one promotes the product or service of some other company through his blogs or social media. A unique affiliate link will generate when a person opts for affiliate marketing in company A. This link will be used by Company B to do affiliate marketing. This link would land the person on the product page when they click through it. If the person buys the product, Company B receives a certain percentage of money because he successfully drove a sale at Company A. This form of marketing is very common nowadays. Since both companies benefit from this marketing, most companies now have an affiliate program.

Discussion of other marketing techniques hasn't been done since they are not as important as these five. Don't be wronged. All the methods are essential, but some are more frequently used than others. This point should be clear.  


Digital marketing services is the future. New businesses are shifting to online methods of marketing. Some companies are entirely online, which was a rare scene a decade ago. The proliferation of the knowledge of social media and search engines is now done to a great extent. The pandemic has also boosted the digital marketing industry. During the lockdown, companies had no choice but to use online marketing methods. This proved to be highly engaging and cost-effective for them. Thus, the budget for online marketing was revamped.  

The online form of marketing helps smaller businesses to get the exposure they need. Good marketing skills are connected to delivering excellent content, and good results start showing up. Join the wave of digital marketing and grow a successful business that will become global someday with the help of eveIT. Connect with eveIT at +91 62396 29211 or email at info@eveit.in

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Digital marketing services are nowadays all about brainstorming. It requires a comprehensive research-oriented approach to solve the needs of the public. The online form of marketing helps smaller businesses to get the exposure they need.

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