Nov 08, 2023


The programmatic advertising industry has revolutionized the way advertisers reach their target audiences. In India, where the online market is booming. Programmatic advertising is playing a pivotal role in reaching the target audience effectively. With automated buying and selling of ad inventory in real-time. Here are the latest trends you need to know for 2023 but before that let’s learn:

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a system that automates the processes of purchasing and placing ads on websites or apps. Within a second, programmatic advertising allows for purchase and placement of ads. Including targeted advertising content. In programmatic advertising, ad inventory is automatically bought and sold in real-time. By using an automated bidding system. A sophisticated ecosystem allows brands and agencies to buy ad impressions within milliseconds.

Programmatic Advertising example:

Programmatic advertising was discovered by Google in 2014. While promoting its Google Search App. After that, they reached 30% more people three times more frequently. Their ad campaign had a 30% lower cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). Awareness also increased by 50%.

The Trends in Programmatic Advertising 2023

1.AI and Machine Learning Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are already revolutionizing the Digital industry. So does it impact Programmatic advertising. AI-driven algorithms can analyze user behavior and demographics in real-time. Allowing for highly targeted ad placements. This not only enhances user experience but also improves ROI for advertisers.

Imagine a scenario where your content is being matched with users. Who are most likely to be interested in it, all thanks to AI. This level of precision boosts engagement and also makes your content more impactful.

⁠2.Creative Video ads

Creativity is becoming increasingly important in programmatic advertising as it becomes more sophisticated. Advertisers are using programmatic technology to deliver creative ad experiences. To improve engagement and conversion rates.

Video advertising continues to gain ground in the world. Short-form videos and interactive ads are becoming popular ways to engage audiences effectively.

3.Privacy-First Approach

With the advent of privacy regulations like GDPR and the growing concerns about data privacy. Programmatic advertising is adopting a privacy-first approach. Advertisers are relying on first-party data and consent-based advertising.

First-party data is collected from customers like email addresses and purchase history. Advertisers can use this data to improve targeting. Reducing reliance on third-party data, and ensuring that user data is handled ethically.

⁠4.New Channels and Platforms

Programmatic advertising is now expanding into video, audio, and social media channels. Advertisers are targeting audiences across multiple channels and platforms. Creating a more engaging and effective advertising strategy.

5.Contextual Targeting

In a diverse country like India, where languages and cultures vary greatly. Contextual targeting is gaining importance. Advertisers are focusing on delivering ads that resonate with users in their local context. This trend allows content to be more relevant and relatable to the Indian audience. Crafting content that speaks directly to the audience and can improve its reception

⁠6.Programmatic Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Programmatic advertising is expanding beyond the digital realm into the physical world. Programmatic OOH advertising allows advertisers to target audiences with dynamic, location-based content. On billboards, transit displays, and more. This trend is particularly relevant in India's diverse market.


As programmatic advertising becomes more sophisticated, collaboration becomes more important. A collaborative effort has been underway among advertisers, publishers, and vendors. To enhance programmatic advertising and create a better experience for consumers

8.E-commerce Integration

The e-commerce boom in India is closely tied to programmatic advertising. Brands are using programmatic ads to drive traffic to their e-commerce platforms. And retailers are leveraging real-time bidding for product placements.

⁠9.Programmatic Audio Advertising

With the rise of music streaming and podcast consumption, programmatic audio advertising is gaining momentum. Advertisers are using audio ads to reach audiences during their daily routines. This trend offers a unique way to connect with the Indian audience.

⁠10.Brand Safety

Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly concerned about brand safety. There has been a significant increase in advertisers looking to ensure their ads are placed in brands-safe environments. And a number of tools have been established to monitor ad placements. Including whitelists, blacklists, and third-party verification tools.

⁠11.Personalisation and Customization

Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly personalized and customized. To increase engagement and conversion rates. Advertisers can target specific audiences with customized messages and creativity.

⁠12.Programmatic in CTV

A growing number of people are watching connected television (CTV). A programmatic advertising model can monetize this massive market for streaming services.

Targeting and tracking can be performed across devices using programmatic technology. With contextual targeting and access to first-party data from content providers, brands can reach new customers. Many customers are open to the idea, which is a good thing.

Whenever they pay any kind of subscription cost, they expect content that is free of ads. Since many streaming services are experiencing financial hardships. They are likely assessing their options for free and low-cost ads-supported tiers. A highly targeted audience can be targeted right where advertisers want them.

In conclusion, we can say programmatic advertising is constantly evolving. Staying updated with these trends is essential for any advertiser.  Incorporating AI, video and contextual targeting into your content strategy can help. You can generate unique and SEO-optimized content that reaches the Indian audience effectively. Stay creative, stay data-driven, and continue to adapt to the dynamic world of programmatic advertising in 2023.



Programmatic advertising in 2023 will witness a paradigm shift driven by AI-powered targeting, offering advertisers advanced tools for precise audience segmentation and real-time campaign optimization. Amid growing concerns about data privacy, the industry embraces privacy-first strategies, reshaping how brands approach ad targeting, and leveraging contextual relevance over individual data. The revival of contextual targeting, balancing personalization and privacy, gains traction.

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