Aug 25, 2022

The Reality of Performance Marketers - How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Promoting through a Performance Marketer products or services to sell and generate revenue is known as best marketing. It requires a company or business to have a target market or a target customer base. It is one of the core components of a business, and primarily there are two types of marketing - Business to business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Marketers can broadly do it in two ways - Physical marketing and digital marketing. Physical means the use of newspapers, television, billboards, magazines, and other print media, while digital marketing uses the power of the internet and the digital space. Affiliate marketing is also a part of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

The component of marketing that only uses the internet and the digital space is known as digital marketing. It has changed the way businesses promote their product and services today. The first instance of online marketing dates back to 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the world's first email. But it was not until the 1990s that the development of digital marketing started. From the launch of Archie Search Engine in 1990 to the start of social media advent in and around 2008, This Performance Marketer type of marketing has reached great heights.

The different channels that include online marketing are - Affiliate marketing, Display marketing, Email marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, Social networking service, In-game advertisement, Video advertising, Content marketing, SMS marketing, etc. The field is enormous, and no one person is a master of every channel. Moreover, the marketing style is evolving every day as the taste and demands of people across the globe keep changing. 

Why Use a Digital Performance Marketer over a Physical one?

That's a great question, and the question needs attention. So let's deal with the question in a point-wise manner:

  • First and foremost, digital marketing is more cost-effective than physical or traditional one. It saves a Performance Marketer thousands of dollars to reach the same amount of audience because billboards and newspaper advertisements are costly, and they are expensive anywhere in the world.

  • The audience is vast. If one needs to market one's product to many people, digital marketing is the solution. The whole internet is one's potential customer base. 

  • The results are measurable because marketers can check daily insights into how the campaign performs. In today's world, where everything is data-driven, why should people stick to marketing strategies where finding exact data is impossible? One should choose digital marketing over traditional one if one has to be a data-driven brand.

  • With more and more people starting to use mobile phones, communication will be more immediate between the consumers and the brands. Communication and conversion rates will be higher due to this reason. Traditional marketing ads can't reach the amount of engagement and conversion rate as digital ads.

Performance Marketer

⁠Affiliate Marketing - What is it?

Affiliate marketing is one of the many arms or branches of Digital marketing. One Performance Marketer primarily uses a link from the leading company to promote their products by a person, otherwise the affiliate. The link directs a person to the product landing page where one can shop. It plays a significant role in the marketing strategies of an e-marketer. However, much of the attention of an e-marketer is captured by Search engine marketing, social media marketing, and other well-known forms of online marketing, overlooking affiliate marketing most of the time. 

The earning through this system of marketing is by commission. More than two tiers of the affiliate program are known as Multi-level marketing, MLM, or Network marketing. In most cases, Reports suggest that MLM schemes are fraud, and the schemes did cheating with people's money. Simple affiliate marketing is the way to go. MLM has a very complex system of Performance Marketer products, and one may stay away from these schemes.

Affiliate marketing is simply a 'pay for Performance Marketer model and is thus highly favoured by merchants. The process of implementing an affiliate program is simple. First, the business needs the online link of the product or service and provides the same to the affiliates. 

How Can a Performance Marketer Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

Earning money through affiliate channels is challenging and requires hard work, perseverance, and patience. If a Performance Marketer doesn't have a good number of followers or people who wish to buy the product, one will hardly generate any revenue through this channel. Experts recommend using social media pages and a website to do affiliate marketing. There are a lot of companies that have an affiliate program, and one can choose a well-known company and link to the niche in which one creates content over the internet. Doing affiliate marketing isn't everyone's cup of tea, and not every industry requires affiliate marketing.

The Performance Marketer process works on a commission basis. When someone buys a product from the affiliate link, the affiliate earns some money. The money is the affiliate's commission. The commissions can be as low as 6% and 20%. So if one sells an item worth $100 and the affiliate commission is 10%, the affiliate gets a commission of $10. Simple Mathematics, right? The $10 is what the affiliate earns for each product sold. So if the niche is good and the demand for products in that niche is constant or rising over time, the revenue generated from affiliate marketing can be skyrocketing. 

For affiliate marketing, one must be active on social media and have a presence over the internet. Content marketing is the key to affiliate marketing. The revenue stream will drain if one's content and affiliate link mismatches. The product and the content must go hand in hand. The affiliate should never sell cheap[ quality products or products that are unhygienic. Thus, one must be a good content marketer before becoming an affiliate marketer. 

The Future of Affiliate Marketing:

The future of affiliate marketing seems bright. The number of businesses jumping into the online space is humongous. These businesses will look for influencers or Performance Marketers over the internet to market their products for a fee. This process is known as influencer marketing. Affiliate marketing is also relative to influencer marketing. The difference between the two is that one must sell the product for earning through an affiliate. At the same time, in the case of influencer marketing, companies are ready to pay the influencer for marketing the product due to the influencer's credibility and influence over the netizens.


As digital marketing grows in size, affiliate marketing will prosper. More and more businesses are implementing the Performance Marketer 'Refer and Earn' model in their business, where the person referring and selling a product gets paid by the company. This method also falls under affiliate marketing. As a result, the number of influencers over the internet will grow.

With more businesses coming online each year, the competition is tough. It will become more challenging to market a product through digital channels in the coming years because people will have more options to choose from over the internet. Money and skill will play an actual game in digital marketing. Companies ready to give more commission to their affiliate partners will stay in the game and earn more revenue. Businesses have to go bright and work on other Performance Marketers strategies, campaigns, and events to communicate with the customers' fasters and more efficiently.



More and more businesses are implementing the Performance Marketer 'Refer and Earn' model in their business, where the person referring and selling a product gets paid by the company.

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